Abandoned Cat Rescue is a registered charity based out of the greater Moncton and surrounding areas. Founded and run by volunteers, our primary goal is to rescue abandoned and orphaned kittens.

From the young and healthy to the bottle-fed and the disabled, Abandoned Cat Rescue is a loving organization whose members rescue, foster, socialize, spay/neuter and eventually adopt out kittens that are in the most desperate need of support. All of our kittens will receive medication for parasites, their first vaccination and spay or neuter surgery prior to leaving foster care.

Since we are a local, non-profit organization that runs off of the tireless efforts of volunteers, please consider donating today!

Ever have the urge to be a part of an enthusiastic, animal-loving organization that protects and saves?  Feel free to click on the link above for more volunteer opportunities!

Want to know more about Abandoned Cat Rescue or what services we provide to the local community?  Click on the link above to find out more.

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Greater Moncton, New Brunswick Canada

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