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“We were amazed at the amount of visitors we had to the Remember Me Thursday website when we only had five weeks to put it together,” says Mike Arms. “This is the first time that something has been done where animal lovers all over the world can join forces to promote pet adoption and decrease euthanasia. Now, with a whole year to work on bringing everyone together, we expect to see an even greater increase in candlelight vigils and public awareness around the globe, to help our furry friends.”

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Luminaries for 2015

"Was my fur friend for years.....I love you Brownie and miss you always, until we meet on Rainbow Bridge.....hugs Mommy!"

Kim Spirritts

In loving memory of Lucy.  TIll we meet again.


"Lucy in  the sky like diamonds"


This is our newest addition Fox.  For unknown reasons the people that owned his mother moved out of their apartment the last week in July and instead of taking him with them they shaved him and threw him out with no food or water. My daughter found him covered in fleas starving and thirsty days later and we told her to bring him up. His hair is growing back nicely, hes gaining good and he will never want for anything again. My bucket full of badness! Love you lil guy!


G-Baby had been found in September 2007 and dropped off at the SPCA. She came to our house the next day; scared, sick and very pregnant. 3 days later she had 8 little kittens. It was very sad to lose 5 of them but a great joy to watch the other 3 grow. Jamie stole our hearts and never left, the other 2 found loving forever homes. 


                                 Love Bernice

We miss you Fluffy. Thank you for all the love you have brought into our lives. I am sure you are with Nan again.    



Love Magee







Love Diane



Love Krista

I had the pleasure of meeting this wonderful kitty thru a women I help care for... She was a wonderful little princess who would allow me to brush her (at her discretion of course) she is missed by her cat sister Cinderella, cat mommy Eileen and me. RIP sweet little Spooky girl ... I hope your getting lots of lobster and blue cheese wherever you are.



RIP Bob ... He was my best friend and companion for 18 years. He will be deeply missed.



Baby Bear has been with us for 4 1/2 years and I can't imagine life 
without him. He is so relaxed and never stresses over any new situations 
in our home. Some days he thinks he is one of the dogs other days he is 
the Princess always flirting with that tail but most of all he is moms boy!


Love you Bear Bear!


G-Baby and Jamie are still bringing Joy to my home.....







Love Bernice  



Love Diane








Love Diane




Love Diane






Love Krista

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