Our primary objectives are to promote the welfare of cats/kittens for the benefit of the public by:

  1. Rescuing stray and abandoned or lost cats and kittens with the purpose of returning them home or fostering them to be adopted into suitable homes.

  2. Curbing population growth in feral colonies by utilizing a Trap-Neuter-Return program and fostering any kittens suitable for adoption.  Spay/Neuter the ones too wild to be tamed and returning them to colonies, to be fed and monitored by care givers.

  3. Striving to work together with other animal rescues and shelters.

These current initiatives are funded primarily through fundraisers in the forms of BBQs, on-line and live auctions, dinners, yard sales, carnivals, donation jars, and corporate and individual donations.  A $100  minimum donation fee is used to absorb some of the miscellaneous costs of vet expenses and foster care, but we need the public's support to continue to operate!

Some of our future aspirations include:

  1. Establish an "Owner Surrender Program" for pet owners in emergency situations who must find new homes for loved pets.  This may be achieved by assisting with adoption on our website and/or, if room is available, fostering them until a new home can be found.  The animal's health record must be produced to show vaccinations are up-to-date and the date they have been spayed/neutered. 

  2. Develop an educational program for children to be taught in local area schools and day cares to encourage responsible pet care and the importance of spay/neuter programs.

  3. Develop a "Cat Therapy Program" for nursing homes, schools, and/or hospitals.  It has been proven that therapy cats can have many positive effects for the elderly as well as children with developmental disabilities, and in some Palliative Care situations. The animals not only relieve stress and anxiety, and lower blood pressure, but also help physically aggressive patients and children to calm down. 


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