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This group was originally formed by people who had been involved with other animal charity work and who shared a like-minded interest in cat welfare. Many of the members involved have a wealth of experience built up over many years. All of the members are volunteers and the group relies on the fundraising skills of our hard working fundraising team as well as donations from members of the public.

Our activities often require the services of the local veterinary practices and their support is invaluable in caring for cats and kittens with sometimes complex medical problems. The members have built up a close working relationship with the vets and we hope to retain this working relationship as the group grows.

We will take in Abandoned Adult Cats, have them checked by the vet and offer medical services as required. This service will be dependent on our foster home and financial status.

Our long term goal is to empower the public to be rescuers themselves. As we have limited volunteer power and resources, this is yet another way for us to help more cats and kittens. They can become “Stray Rescuers” and rescue and foster their neighborhood friendly strays and then post on our website after they have been spayed/neutered, vaccinated, and seen by a vet. We hope to add to and enhance our programs as we expand. We have an ambitious and committed group who work tirelessly for our cause. We are motivated and energized by our volunteers.

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Greater Moncton, New Brunswick Canada

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