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Newest Baby Update - Ready in about 5 wks

UPDATE: Well its been a whirlwind kind of week. We have done our first week home not going to work with Momma Kim. We have our bottle in the morning, when she gets home and at bedtime! We are eating food now and guess what??? We got the whole hilton to run and play in...its a whole new world to us. We have had a couple accidents outside our litter box but when we are playing its too late before we know we have to go....Momma Kim forgives us because she loves us and cleans it up right away! Life is good as a foster kitten! No worries, be HAPPY!

1. Jerome is always watching what is going on around him.....such a curious little guy

2. Miss Emily is a kitty that loves to play until she drops and usually drops where ever! She is a beautiful black fluffy kitten.

3. Kylee and Sydnee spend much time cuddled together when they are full and tired from playing.

4. Our world, see the bird feeder on the deck we have birdvision all day long, only one channel though

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