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Name Sweetpea's Baby Boy Contest!

On a cold, dark winters night a small black cat huddled under a tarp It was -18C outside and yet this was the only shelter she could find to have her first litter of kittens Not much more than a kitten herself she was alone, cold, hungry and terrified Only one kitten survived, that night,a small scrap of fur, her only baby!!! Mother and kitten were brought into our foster care program where they received proper medical attention The mother was called Sweet Pea and the baby was simply called Baby Now it is time to give Baby a real name -A big, happy ,bring a smile to your face ,sort of name Abandoned cat rescue asks all of our facebook friends to help baby find a name Please send us all of your suggestions on our facebook page ,as many and as often as you like. The winner will receive a $20 gift card from McDonalds. We at Abandoned cat rescue proudly introduce to you Sweetpea and Baby. Contest Ends May 12th at 6pm, we will announce the winner soon after. Thanks for your helping in naming Sweetpea's baby boy!

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